Cross Country Paragliding extreme distances


Objective World Record

Northern Cape, South Africa

2023/2024 paragliding cross country campaign


Fly as far and as fast as you can. This is the objective of this flying campaign

  • No set start window | Pilots decide to launch and start racing whenever they feel appropriate.

  • No turn point

  • No set window closing time | Pilots must land no later than 30min after official sunset.


With a surface of over 500,000 km², the Northern Cape and Free State provinces of South Africa together form an immense play ground of flatlands.


Pilot selection will be done on the basis of their flying profile. Anyone with a FAI competition pilot licence can pre-register in order to apply for selection.

The goal of this event is to bring some of the world's best pilots together and set a new paragliding World Record.

A new world record distance is expected to be achieved during this unprecedented flying campaign event.



XC tours operations

Patrice Hartmann


South African FAI judge


The base camp is mobile, and set on various launching sites in the Northern Cape of South-Africa depending on the weather forecast. Accommodation for pilots may be facilitated in hotels in towns nearby the chosen launching site of the day.

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